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Right here you supposed to be reading very

creative and witty text about WEB DESIGN.

Short text about variety of great looking

but still affordable websites that I create..

As you all probably know what I want to say,

I decided to put in some lorem ipsum instead,

just to save you time.

Although SEO is going to suffer.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing . Donec accumsan semper arcu lacinia volutpat. Quisque et enim iaculis web designer, sollicitudin eu,tincidunt purus. Nullam imperdiet ultricies ipsum. Fusce viverra eget elit ut imperdiet. Ut at ante sodales, dapibus nunc et, pharetra diam.


But we must not forget that my previous website

was awarded with “Adobe Muse Site of the Day”.

This appreciation made me redesign this website,

so I could try to receive one more.

But it obviously needs some more work.

At least better copywriting.

Tenisová akademie / Tennis Academy František Pála - Pavel Vízner - Petr Pála webdesign
Katr Restauran Web Design
ODS - Markéta Jirásková - webpage
La Terra Website Design


IMK Industriebuchbinderei logo

Here should be a text about LOGO DESIGN.

Vector designs -  both print and web ready to use,

or logos that are created according to customer´s wishes,

nothing googled or stolen cliparts, blah, blah, blah.

 And it is affordable of course.


Logo: graphics aliquam auctor magna et commodo iaculis. Aenean sem justo, accumsan finibus hendrerit nec, malesuada vel elit. Suspendisse congue sagittis est, non luctus libero varius ut. Suspendisse pharetra odio et sem eleifend dapibus. Donec lobortis eget dolor id consequat. Fusce accumsan, quam id.

SPI Facilities logo design
Senza Dubbio Advertising Agency logo
La Terra logo
Tretter's Event Catering logo



And now, let´s move on to something very different:  PRINT DESIGN.

Magazines, leaflets, posters, CDs and book covers, booklets,

wobblers and soooo ooooon or as other print designers say: from a business card

to billboards for example. Simply anything (with the exception of wedding announcement cards - I hate them and I can't draw doves). There are no limits… and for prices that (almost) anyone can afford (in spite of the fact that one of my package designs was awarded with some “Design of the Year” award by an organization of the name I can´t even remember).

Adam Drda a Mikoláš Kroupa - Kruté století obal a zlom knihy - pro Sit conMedia
Hovoří Jiří Ješ - book cover design
Česká televize / Sitcon Media - Objektiv z Ruska
David Vaughan - Bitva o vlny | Battle for the Airwaves
iMotor e-magazine imagazine cover design
Pirstone magazine cover
Watch Magazine Cover
Pivnice Šutka plakát / poster
Breakfast at Katr Restaurant - leaflet design
Restaurant Pod Petřínem Poster Design / Retro plakát levně affordable professional


First of all: Buy royalty free STOCK PHOTOS & VECTORS directly from the artist! In particular – buy royalty free stock photos & vectors from me on It is simple, fast and yes – affordable. Not a PayPal user? Or you just prefer buying from established microstock sites instead from a guy you have never heard before?  Please check my portfolio on following sites: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> levně affordable professional levně affordable professional design grafika jan mikš


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